We help people—like you—who manage their own North American stock portfolio and would like some ideas that can help them outperform the market in the long-run.

  • We look for undervalued or fairly-valued mid-to-large cap stocks that are traded in North America.

    These companies have strong fundamentals, great long term prospects, strong competitive moats, good earnings growth, healthy cash flow and excellent management.

  • Our numbers work, and work well.

    We started publishing our monthly stock picks in January 2013. Since inception, our stock picks have outperformed the S&P 500 in annualized returns (compounded annual growth return).

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Top Stock Picks

We provide you with in-depth analysis and intrinsic valuations on 2 recommended stocks per month that have great long-term prospects.

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Best Buy Now Stocks

We provide you with the 3 best stocks to buy for that month that we think are undervalued of fairly-valued with great long-term prospects.

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October 2014

Stock Ratings

We provide you with stock ratings (Intrinsic Values, Economic Moats and Risk Ratings) on all of our recommended stocks to help you decide what to buy.

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Stock Ratings Sample

I subscribed to Intelligent Stocks because I like their stock picks and want to know the intrinsic values of stocks.

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